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Where Did You Get That?

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011


Do you notice the sets in TV shows and movies and wonder where they found all those great pieces?  Set design is such an important part of the story telling process for shows and movies because they convey without words the personality, financial situation, and lifestyle of the characters. The same is true about homes and offices – the selections we make reflect our values, lifestyle and the image we want to project to the rest of the world.

Do you want to have an inviting home that all your teenager’s friends want to hang out at? Is your home a showpiece set up for fundraisers for 150 people every month?  Do the piles of toys that never seem to be completely put away reflect your values that your kids are your focus and where you spend the majority of your time so formal entertaining isn’t a concern?  These are extremes in different directions, but I think they help convey the idea.

One new TV show I’m watching this season is “Ringer.”  The main character has taken over her twin sister’s life in NYC in a posh high rise building (due to a complex set of circumstances I won’t get into here.)  The first introduction we get to the wealthy sister’s life is a visit to her beautiful home in the Hamptons. It clearly sets her place in the world in that she can afford such a large, beautifully furnished home.

Then we are introduced to the posh home in the city through the struggling sister’s eyes. The furnishings are so well done. I have a hard time focusing on the plot sometimes because I’m studying the light fixtures, accessories, side tables, etc.

So I was so pleased when I spotted these wing chairs and recognized one of my favorite fabrics on them!



That fabric is this fabric:

It also comes in other lovely colors – such as charcoal, peacock, and grass. My favorite version that I already have in my box of inspiration fabrics:


How fun is that to know that you could have a wing chair (or other style piece) made for your home with that same fabric?!  I love recognizing details like that. Knowing the resources is a big part of my job so it’s really satisfying to recognize a light fixture or end table and know exactly where to find that piece or something similar for a client.

Do you have a favorite TV or movie set?  I know the kitchen in the movie “Something’s Gotta Give” starring Diane Keaton is a perennial favorite. Crisp white and classic, just like the character, Erica.  For more images of the home, if you haven’t seen the movie, click through to this site.



Photo credits:

- Four room shots via CW TV full episodes online.

- Fabric samples from Schumacher (fabrics sold only to the trade (aka designers), so if you are interested in anything you find there please let me know!)

- Something’s Gotta Give kitchen photo from Modern Country Style blog.

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