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Visions of Etageres dance in my head

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

A common challenge for me is dreaming up the perfect piece (for an interior or my wardrobe), sometimes based on a sketchy memory of having seen something like it somewhere once upon a time, sometimes just completely invented.  Then I have to try to find it out in the real world.  I can drive myself bonkers with this search because of course now I know EXACTLY what I want and I don’t want to settle for less.

Recent case in point: I want an etagere (basically this is a bookcase with no side or back panels, often they taper towards the top) for an otherwise wasted odd corner of a room.  I see the ideal version with sides that curve on each tier, and I want it brightly colored.  I can draw a quick sketch to show someone, but finding an example image is much more effective.  The open shelves on an etagere are great for decorative displays of stacks of books, small boxes and little decorative items.

So I scrolled through my digital image library (I don’t have time to go through my stacks and stacks of magazines and piles of hard copies of design images) and managed to find one example!  Yeah!

See it in the back left corner?  The open shelf on the right side is an etagere too, but I don’t want that gold leaf finish and rectangular shape.

I was soo excited to find it along with sources for the items… but wait, it’s for SIMILAR items.


tall curvee shelf

Here is the Tall Curvee Shelf from House Eclectic that they recommend as a similar item.  It is only available in black or white, but even more of an issue is the fact that it’s only 38″ high. Grrr.

Another option would be this Lia shelf by Oly Studio . It’s close, but doesn’t come in any bright colors. But I could make the white version work.

Benton Large Etagere

Here’s an example in a good height (67.75″) with a tapered shape, but no curves. I could live with this, and the antique red or black options are nice. But I want deep orange or kelly green. I want to be playful. This is a little too traditional in this shade of red for the room I have in mind. It could skew Asian influence or cottage in other settings, which is great.

Grand Tour Etagere

Available in only black iron, this has a bit more whimsy with the top detail, but the black iron doesn’t feel right for my space.

This limited edition piece by Jonathan Adler has the fun punch of color and the mod styling is great. But the price is high for a piece that’s not supposed to be the star of the room, but the funny supporting character.


So, I’m still on the hunt. I’m sure I’ll find something that will work, but will it be the piece in my vision? Maybe not.  But will anyone else really know how it differs from that vision? No. Will it still be fabulous? Absolutely.

Of course, if it was an important piece in the room that I didn’t feel like compromising on, I can simply design the piece in my head and have one of my custom furniture guys make the perfect piece for me with the curves, dimensions and color just right for my project. Sometimes that’s what it takes to get the right piece that makes the whole room come to life.

And that’s the reality of what I do. It’s the vision I have for that great piece that’s going to take the room to the next level that the client would never have come up with on their own, and the ability to track down items that will bring that vision to life.

But I’m still searching for that short sleeve wrap dress I saw in a dream the other night…. =)


Photo source: Inspiration room by Catherine Brophy for Real Simple, October 2010.

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Bright Bedroom inspiration board

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

After writing all about the new brights trend (see the post here), I couldn’t resist creating a bedroom concept to prove how doable this look is.  Remember how I compared an outfit to a room:

“Kelly green jeans and a turquoise t-shirt with a grey cardigan and a skinny belt in brown leather over it could be bright but still have the safe touches to make it feel comfortable. The room equivalent: a bedroom with a kelly green bed frame, turquoise sheets, multi-colored throw pillows, light gray walls and a leather slung chair.”

Well, here’s the room example, with 2 different bedding and throw pillow combinations to chose from.


Start with the Piper Bed in Green from Room & Board.  Paint the walls a soft gray, like Sherwin-Williams Argos (SW 7065).  Add a leather safari chair for a timeless worn-in element that grounds the bold elements you’ll add next.  1st Dibs is a good source for these vintage chairs.  A chunky cable rug in Charcoal from Room & Board adds texture and softness when getting out of bed or doing homework.

The room could start out with an updated preppy look. No turquoise, instead the blue is a crisp, classic navy. Key elements (clockwise from bedding):

Ronan Duvet from Serena & Lily

British Flag pillow from Jonathan Adler

Green and Natural Zebra needlepoint pillow from Jonathan Adler

Positano Helix pillow in Blue from Jonathan Adler

Amanda sheet set in Gray from Bliss Living


This could work for either gender, it’s really about personality!  The subtle pattern on the sheets in a soft gray adds some interest while tying in the wall and rug color.


Or take the room in a global chic direction (clockwise from bedding):

Shangri-La duvet from Bliss Living

Diamond Ikat Azure pillow from Dwell Studio

Samsara Multi throw pillow from Bliss Living



Bargello Jungle Road pillow from Jonathan Adler

Masala Citrone sheet set from Dwell Studio


The duvet cover has great pattern and lots of colors to work with for accent pillows. Adding in the Ikat pillow is a no-brainer for the global look, as is the Samsara pillow with a Suzani-esque print. Both are right on trend with the current movement to incorporate native ethnic prints from around the globe. What I love is adding in the Bargello Jungle Road pillow with the crazy zig-zag Italian company Missoni is known for. It’s unexpected but still very global and the colors work perfectly with the other pillows.  The Citrone sheets pull that color from the duvet cover and add a small scale pattern to the mix to balance all those large patterns.

Which would you go for? Preppy or global chic? Or would you rather have the bed in pink…red…yellow…orange…white?  So many color combinations, so little time!  Have fun creating your own layered look. I’d love to see what you would create!

On that note, check out West Elm’s new mix-and-match bedding interactive program where you can see how sheets, duvets, and shams from their collection will look together with your wall color. (They don’t have a ton of paint color options, but it’s nice that they included this element in a room.) It’s a fun way to spend your lunch break. =)








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