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Pantone Loves Tangerine Too

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

In case you haven’t been reading the blogosphere fanatically, you might not know that Pantone has unveiled their Color of 2012.

Tangerine Tango is the Color of 2012, and I couldn’t be happier.

Last year’s Honeysuckle was alright, but Tangerine Tango fits in with all the color trending I’ve been seeing the past year.

You know I’m a fan of orange, and this is just the deeper orange range I prefer to play with. No apricot or peach tones for me. Deep saturation? Yes, please.  This is more in the direction of the persimmon color I’m planning to paint my front door this summer.  (I hinted at this in a post about front entries this summer.)

My favorite boxes for stashing supplies are a bold orange.

Boxes by Stockholm from The Container Store.

I just tried to create an image of my house with the updated paint color with the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer program, but the color rendering was terrible because it layered the color selected over the existing color which dramatically changed how every color looked. Bummer.

Here is one of their stock house photos with the door “painted” SW 6881 Cayenne. I think it would actually be deeper than this.

So I guess this is the closest I can get to showing the paint color ideas I have in mind.

The top color is a deeper persimmon with more red in it.  The middle is closer to the Tangerine Tango. I was doing this in photoshop and couldn’t find quiet the right shade yet.  The gray at the bottom is representative of the direction we headed for the main house color. Right now it’s a sage green the previous owners painted it, which is better than the baby blue it was before that. The majority of the front of the house is brick and the side of the house has a large expanse of white siding, so we have to work with all of that when selecting colors.

Okay, the idea of you picturing a really red brick with this color combination was enough to get me to do more tweaking to an image of the front of my house to get closer to a decent visual of the color palette.  I don’t want my front door this bright, so you’ll have to mentally combine the images to get the right look.  But you can see the gray may end up more gray with a hint of brown in it.

Okay, well you get the idea. I’m happy with Pantone’s color choice and I’m planning on bringing more orange into my life in 2012. Of course trends are trends, and I was already planning on using orange anyway, but it’s fun to see your favorite color get recognition.

Are you an orange fan?  What color do you think should be the 2012 color of the year?




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Moving – Start at the Front Door

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Sorry for the radio silence lately, but I’ve been in the midst of moving both my home and office (since I have a home office) and the packing, moving and unpacking leaves little time for fun blog posts. I’ve been thinking of things to say to you and share, just waiting for the time to post. So here is a post that’s been formulating in my head for weeks. 

Your home should create a great first impression, and a front door/entry that suits your home and your style is a great place to begin. Here are doors and entries I’m loving for their style, color and/or details.

Front door by Erin Loechner of design for mankind.  I love the cohesive modern styling of the hardware and house number. The color is fabulous. And the “Hello.” frosted on the bottom of the side panel? Genius. (This has been my computer backdrop for a few weeks – which is a long time for me.)

The letter (and photos) from the editor in the May 2011 issue of Dwell magazine made me happy because I do the same thing: use my camera to document the details of a city other people wouldn’t bother to photograph. I photographed doors all around Boston and Cambridge on a visit a few years ago and turned it into a composite that I loved. Too bad the file size was so enormous the photo lab couldn’t seem to print it. But I still plan on making it work one of these days! (It turned up in the move but I haven’t found it in the boxes yet.) The result is original art that tells a story about your trip in an unexpected way.  Plus look at all those great door knockers above. It’s so clear that they inject tons of personality into a small space.

Here are a few photos from a recent trip to Philly to prove my point.

Great door!

Love the mix of materials at this exterior structure on the Liberty Bell plaza.

Great woodworking details on the sides of the staircase at the Pennsylvania State House (aka. Independence Hall). Why photograph the room where they signed the Declaration of Independence when you can study the carvings on the stairs? (Though I did photograph the room because there was a great mix of Windsor chair styles.)

Pat even held up traffic so I could take this picture out the car window on our way to dinner at Pumpkin. (I’d change the wall color if I could and paint the stars over the entry is a slightly different shade to help them pop without becoming the focal point. Charcoal gray exterior and light-medium gray stars?)

Okay back to other facades I’m digging.

I love the rhythm of the facade of this house designed by Tina Manis and featured in the book “Brooklyn Modern.”  Slowly move you eyes up the facade and notice how the wood boards get closer and farther apart in a different wave motion on each section.  What a beautiful way to add interest using only one material.


The value of a face lift for the front of the house is clearly illustrated in this project above by interior designer Jessica Helgerson and her husband, architect Yianni Doulis, featured on Design*Sponge back in July 2009.  It’s so much more inviting and open with the planter replacing the tree. The horizontal lines of the house are carried through in the windows on the new front door and the wood on the planter. The light and house numbers fit the new look.

How great is that wood slat screen created by The Brick House? Adds so much personality to an otherwise plain white home. Note the consistent style of the house numbers, light fixture and planter.  Check out this post for details of her plans for the front yard to complete the look.

Do you get the gist of what I’m saying?

What inspired all this facade talk? Well, my new place has a similar mid-century vibe to some of the places above (it was built in 1953) and a front door with 3 horizontal windows. But the door has seen better days and I’m itching to paint it a bold color and repaint the cedar shakes on the exterior.  I’ll have to do some photoshop renderings and get your opinions, but I’d better get back to unpacking and leave that project for another day. 

Have a lovely weekend!

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