Colorful Kitchens

February 25th, 2011

Looking at the fall fashion show round-ups one trend I was interested in trying was bright colorful pants (no patterns – I’m not talking about Zoobas here!)  Perfect for transforming a simple minimal outfit into a statement with one bold splash of color.

Which got me thinking, why are we so afraid of color in kitchens?  So I rounded up a few favorite kitchens belonging to homeowners who embraced color with arms outstretched.  I’d love to hear what YOU think!  Could you be this bold? 

Why does the adage “it’s only paint” apply to painting walls but not painting cupboards?  Come on, let’s be adventurous!

To slowly transition into colorful cabinets, consider having some of your cabinets in a color while others are wood or white.  Perhaps a pantry unit on one wall is red like a great Chinese cabinet that serves as an accent and conversation piece in a living room.  Or you could paint just the island cabinets in an accent color.

Or you can go all out in one shade, head to toe (or ceiling to floor, crown molding to toekick, as the case may be.) 

Apple green? Yes please!

Love this glossy turquoise color.

This kitchen has so much going for it. Gorgeous walnut butcher block countertops, a wall of subway tile in a warm cream tone that keeps it light and open feeling to balance the dark green base cabinets, and the green and cream floor tiles that pull together both the color palette and connect the indoors and outdoors in one continuous flow. 

Isn’t this just like a pair of colorful pants with a cream blouse and brown belt and great shoes (maybe a strappy pair of wedges with green and white overlapping bands)?

Look what a difference the wall tile can make in a room - compare this space with green base cabinets and no wall cabinets to the kitchen above. Obviously the rooms have different spatial qualities, but the colorful tile on the walls here shifts the attention from the colorful cabinets. But the cabinet color supports the tile – imagine this with maple or white cabinets. Ehh. The dark green cabinets ground the room.

Still love this red base cabinet.

This is what I would call modern english country.  The cabinet pulls are definitely not traditional.  I love that the background is all crisp white and I could see popping just about ANY color on those cabinets and having it all still work. Though you might need to coordinate with a different cereal bowl. 

This is exactly the way I think of the fashion trend – bright pants with a light simple top. Maybe a few pins on the shirt to balance the bright lower half (the art on the walls in the room plays the same role here.)


This kitchen is right on trend with Pantone’s Color of the Year – Honeysuckle.  Honestly, I’m not sure I’m loving it on kitchen cabinets.

And finally, the piece de resistance, why not paint every door a different color?!  You have endless options for accessorizing the room, and I doubt you could feel sad in a fun space like this!  Perfect for those afraid to commit to one color… pick 10 instead!  

But if you are stuck with a kitchen where you can’t paint the cabinets (aka. a rental property), painting the walls is still a great way to bring in your personality with color. Here inky deep blue walls add a moody quality to an otherwise plain kitchen.

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  1. jonna says:

    I like this post! Love those colors. I was in the Delta Sky club this past weekend in L.A. and they had used red glass tiles for the walls (and Delta colors) to great effect! And I like the yellow pants in the runway photos too.

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