I “heart” Orange

April 22nd, 2010

Ok, so I’ve been told that all that floorplan and elevation talk the past couple of weeks was a bit heavy.  So this is a sunny breath of fresh popping color to break up the floorplan talk and make you smile (unless you hate orange, like my mom). 

It all started with the receipt from my neighborhood dry cleaners (1).  I loved that it was bright orange, therefore easy to spot the pick up reminder on the fridge, but also just so darn peppy! 

That got me noticing all the other orange items I surround myself with, and quickly realized how much it has become my go-to accent color for personal accessories.  So here is a detailing of some key orange items I use on a daily basis.


(2) My favorite pencils ever!  These are orange, have a pattern, sharpen easily and the eraser actually works. Amazing.  I love the size & dimensions of the coordinating notepad. Great for my to-do lists (which keep each day in order). [Source: Office Max DiVoga line]

(3) Next to my desk is a tall file cabinet. I love these hook magnets in orange for keeping my frequently used tools within easy reach. I literally have a pair of these little orange scissors in every room of my house. They are perfect for everything from cutting off price tags (bedroom) to cutting out furniture templates (office), etc.  [Sources: Mini Spot On Magnets - Container Store, Scissors - Target]

(4) I couldn’t resist the opportunity to add color to my CPU. [Source: Dell]

(5) Since I’m always on the go, having my files with me and handy is essential.  But the nice compact jumpdrive I have is easy to forget when it’s hanging out in the CPU down by your feet as you are getting ready to leave.  So I added this ribbon to make it easy to spot in my computers, my purse, and to ensure I never leave it behind again!

(6) I was frustrated with my previous tape measure which never locked in place (I think I would need to be a big burly construction worker to break that one in!) Since this is a key tool in an interior designer tool kit, that just wouldn’t do. I spotted this in a bin at Home Depot recently and loved the functionality, color and ease of use, and the bonus low price (I think it was under $3!) [Source: Home Depot]

(7) I picked up this cart at IKEA years ago (probably at the Chicago store, before Minnesota even had an IKEA) and it fits a variety of storage needs and has evolved nicely with my needs from back when it primarily held sewing supplies to now storing my less frequently accessed office tools.  [Source: IKEA, no longer available]

(8) Even my wallet is orange! [Source: Target]

(9)  I still like to sew occasionally, and this is one of the pouches I’ve designed and utilize to keep all my odds and ends organized and easily accessible. This one holds coupons for groceries, another holds all the coupons for clothing stores, and I have two small ones in my purse that have cough drops and Werthers hard candies in them, respectively. They are all in different bright, fun patterns that make me smile.

(10) Finally, this is my water bottle that helps me keep hydrated while running around town picking up tile samples, returning fabric samples, visiting construction sites, etc.  I confess I’m a water-aholic … I think I drink between 8 – 12 glasses a day, on average.  This was a “free” gift with a donation to WWF (one of my husband’s favorite organization to support) and was thoroughly broken in on our trip through Japan last summer.

So those are my orange accessories, I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my office and purse!  So my question to you is – what’s YOUR go to color? What colors always draw your attention flipping through magazines, catalogs, browsing at shops, watching other people?  I know my mom’s partial to purple, and my friend Kate can always be spotted holding at least 3 things that are bright green.  Where do you use color in your life to express your personality? 


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